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Realising GOD through different spiritual moods- Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa !

Spiritual aspirants can realize God through different Spiritual moods. For example -Mira Bai, Hanuman ji, Valmiki, Sudama are all examples of spiritual aspirants who achieved oneness with God using different spiritual states  or (Bhaav).
These states can be  that of - Devotion towards God ,as a Companion of God, as a Rishi/ or Sant ,as that of  Vatsalya towards God  or that of  Madhurya Bhaav.

Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa describes these states in the Gospel of Ramakrishna. Enclosed below is the relevant excerpt from the Gospel of Ramakrishna.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Different moods of Spiritual aspirants - A Quote from The Gospel of Ramakrishna (Chapter 4):

"In order to realize God, one must assume one of these attitudes: Śānta, Dāsya, Sakhya, Vātsalya, or Madhur. 

"Śānta, the serene attitude. The rishis of olden times had this attitude toward God. They did not desire any worldly enjoyment. It is like the single-minded devotion of a wife to her husband. She knows that her husband is the embodiment of beauty and love, a veritable Madan. 

"Dāsya, the attitude of a servant toward his master. Hanuman had this attitude toward Rama. He felt the strength of a lion when he worked for Rama. A wife feels this mood also. She serves her husband with all her heart and soul. A mother also has a little of this attitude, as Yaśoda had toward Krishna. 

"Sakhya, the attitude of friendship. Friends say to one another, 'Come here and sit near me.' Sridāmā and other friends sometimes fed Krishna with fruit, part of which they had already eaten, and sometimes climbed on His shoulders. 

"Vātsalya, the attitude of a mother toward her child. This was Yaśoda's attitude toward Krishna. The wife, too, has a little of this. She feeds her husband with her very life-blood, as it were. The mother feels happy only when the child has eaten to his heart's content. Yaśoda would roam about with butter in her hand, in order to feed Krishna. 

"Madhur, the attitude of a woman toward her paramour. Radha had this attitude toward Krishna. The wife also feels it for her husband. This attitude includes all the other four."                                     
Source and credits:
An excerpt from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishnahttp://www.belurmath.org/gospel/chapter04.htm
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