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Inspired by and Dedicated to:

This site is inspired by the works of great modern day Spiritual Masters that have inspired millions to be better more "Righteous People" in their daily lives.

These thinkers and spiritual scientists are religion agnostic. Their work deals with the eternal principles and the "humanity" of religion .While in their thoughts and in their writings they use examples that are local to their geography, their message is perennial, timeless, universal, and applies to us all !

This space is dedicated to Enlightened Spiritual Masters and inspiring spiritual scientists  like Acharya Shriram Sharma, Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi Aurobindo , Maharishi Ramana, Lord Buddha, Christ and such others. Their writings have individually given path and direction to many lives and many have found solutions to everyday problems through their work.

This site is dedicated to bringing condensed versions of their thoughts and writings in "Bite Sized pieces" -Inspiring  and  motivational stories, quotes and Informational passages that can guide us through rough times in our lives, steady our ships, illumine us  and help us emerge brighter and  stronger from challenges and adversity.

Reading inspiring motivating Literature is the first step towards understanding and reforming our thoughts and ourselves. If we change,the world will change for a better brighter tomorrow!

Through this Blog, we also aim to take readers to the original source of Knowledge and content. So many folks are looking for information but do not know where to find it! Here you can .

Reading the original source of content also helps to eliminate any speculation about the meanings of concepts in Vedanta and  takes us straight to the eternal truths!.

Be informed , Be Illumined , Be inspired to Live a righteous life  , Reap the rewards of righteous living for yourself and help spread the good words.

With best wishes and prayers for a bright future for all !

Guiding Thoughts


A short note about me :

Dear Readers,

I am a lifelong student of Vedanta and this blog is an expression of my thanks to all the Great Masters of Vedanta whose writings have guided my thoughts and my life.

My interest in Vedanta  began as a child as my parents introduced me to  children's stories from the Books of Ramakrishna Mission , The Geeta Press and thereafter inspired  me to read the very extensive Literature penned by my foremost Guru and guide -Vedmurti Acharya Shriram Sharma. 

My mother had a big role to play in inculcating a reading habit in me  and more importantly directed me towards reading the  best most inspiring works of Vedanta. This Blog is also a heartfelt thank you for all her hard work in guiding, inspiring and sustaining my interest through many discussions, conversations and shared life experiences that come with faith and understanding of the subject matter!

I bring to this Blog excerpts from the writings of the Great Masters that  have influenced me personally and that helped widen my own understanding of concepts of Vedanta  in meaningful ways. 

Vedanta holds that all religions are true and that all religious paths lead to  the same destination. I do hope that the words of all The Great Masters of Vedanta  enrich your lives as they have enriched mine!


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